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Letter: Congress proves ineffectual when it comes to self-policing

No doubt you have heard, Chris Collins has dropped out of the congressional race following his arrest by federal authorities for insider trading. Like so many of Donald Trump’s insiders, corruption seems to be the order of the day. What is most disturbing about the Collins situation is how long it took for his crimes to be acted upon.

The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) found Collins had violated insider trading laws in October 2017 and referred the matter to the House Ethics Committee for action. It may only be a coincidence but the House Ethics Committee, which is controlled by Republicans has sat on the inquiry despite the OCE findings.

In February 2018 a national petition was submitted to the House Ethics Committee asking them to take up the investigation. Despite the petition, it is unclear what, if anything the Ethics Committee had done to address this criminal activity.

Perhaps it isn’t surprising that Collins’ unethical behavior should be ignored by this Congress. The list of ethics violations in this era of Trumpism is staggering and the list of Republicans and Trump appointees that have been lining their pockets goes on and on.

And all the while Congress sits on their hands, or worse tries to get in on the action.

Raymond F. Castro


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