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Letter: Voters in the 27th district must help drain the swamp

When a retiring Republican congressman managed to engineer an egregiously gerrymandering version of his district, the 27th, as a parting gift to his supporters, he created the single most solidly Republican district in New York State.

By doing so he disenfranchised many of our fellow citizens.

Unfortunately for them, the Republican Party selected Chris Collins to represent my district. Consider the events of recent weeks:

Collins was arrested for the crime of lying to the FBI. He denied that he had revealed to his intimates the not-yet public negative results of clinical trials on a drug, the sole product of an Australian pharmaceutical company.

Collins is a former member of the company’s board, a heavy investor, and has touted the company as a sound investment.

The disappointing results represented a significant loss to Collins, his wife, his son, his son’s girlfriend and her family. He didn’t sell his own stock but informed the others of the impending disaster to their investments.

By dumping their investments, they participated in insider trading, a federal crime. Records of phone calls to his son coincide on a time line with pictures of Collins on the White House lawn, talking on his cellphone.

It appears that there is a good chance that Collins’ party could lose its stranglehold on the 27th district. I urge everyone in my district, the 27th, to be sure and vote in the upcoming election and help drain the swamp.

Judith L. Bardach

East Amherst

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