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Letter: Trump’s latest claim will not prove true

Donald Trump loves to brag, sometimes not very truthfully. His latest brag is about our “Great Economy.”

He has used a massive tax cuts for corporations and the rich to artificially pump up the economy. These tax cuts are being paid for with a skyrocketing national debt. Prominent economists have said that this rate of debt increase is not sustainable and will eventually be severely detrimental to our economy.

It looks like he has taken lessons from Wall Street scammers who developed the “pump and dump” technique. How it works is that investors artificially pump up the value of a stock and then dump it before the guaranteed crash.

His great economy is now in the “pump” phase and he will be long gone before the “dump/crash” occurs.

And then there’s the “Grand Old Party” better known as the “Gutless Old Party.” They have allowed Trump to highjack the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan and convert it into a tool of devastation.

He has done this through the use of insults, political threats and intimidation.

The devastation is coming in the form of attacks on environmental and air and water pollution regulations.

Pristine lands are being targeted for oil drilling to produce more global warming fossil fuels.

We need a change in administration to prevent further damage and hope that it’s not already too late. The only way to do this is to use our combined voices in the form of a vote.

Robert Makey


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