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Letter: Trump may be smarting over his election results

One reason President Trump took the side of Russian President Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence agencies on the issue of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections is because he knows he was unfairly elected and that he is an illegitimate president. There is nothing that infuriates Trump more than having to face up to the fact that he did not win fair and square.

We are now learning that despite the “great negotiator’s” self-proclaimed spectacularly successful super summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, where to the delight of the North Koreans, Chinese and Russians, Trump agreed to end our military preparedness exercises with South Korea, the North Koreans, as recently revealed by U.S. spy agencies, are moving forward with their nuclear weapons program.

Only time will tell whether, in order to save face, Trump will convene another summit where he will stand side-by-side with the murderous North Korean dictator and, on the issue of North Korea’s continuing nuclear ambitions, betray our nation once again and accept the word of the Little Rocket Man while rejecting the findings of his own intelligence community, the way he did with Putin.

Only time will tell where Trump’s true loyalties lie.

Steve Szpakowski


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