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Letter: Trump has an agenda on newsprint tariffs

I believe I know the real reason President Donald Trump imposed heavy tariffs on newsprint. Any measure he can take to stifle the truth of his actions, he will use.

Think about it. If he is so innocent why does he object to the investigations concerning Russian election meddling and the Stormy Daniels affair? Where is the release of his income tax returns? The list goes on and on. Only a guilty person puts up such resistance.

We need newspapers not only for world news but local news as well. The leaders of our nation have a duty to all of us citizens to be totally transparent with their actions. Because their actions affect us all.

We all need to support the First Amendment. Buy and read newspapers, watch and listen to the TV news. Learn the difference between fact and fiction. Investigate, learn and support the actual proven information given to us. Look outside of our own little worlds. We owe it to ourselves and each other.

Madalyn Mayer


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