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Letter: NFL players have no loyalty to nation’s country, flag

You know what they say if you assume, it makes a, you-know-what out of you and me.

Well I’m assuming that most, if not all of these kneelers were never in the service. In fact, I’ll bet most of all these, so-called sports heroes, were not in the service. They have no idea of the sacrifice all these service men went through to give them the right to disrespect them and our national anthem, country and flag.

This motivation is greed, not loyalty to anyone. If they play for the Bills and another team offers them more, guess what. They want the fans to be loyal, but not them.

Greed is what motivates them and the same goes to the NFL teams and owners, they have no loyalty.

What surprises me is how many veterans still attend these games and support the unpatriotic players. God Bless America.

Tom McConnaughey

North Tonawanda

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