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Letter: High drug costs seems to unfairly hurt women

I am a 61-year-old woman who suffers from an age related medical disorder. It is a female–only disorder and there is medicine to help me.

I have an employer–sponsored medical plan, through my husbands employer, to help me pay for this medication,

For some terrible reason (I’m guessing cost), the employer decided to use Anthem Blue Cross this year, with a high-deductible plan. That’s a horror in itself, but for another letter. Anthem uses Express Scripts as their co-conspirators for the drug delivery process.

Yesterday, I spent over an hour on the phone (and not the first time) between Express Scripts and Walgreens (sadly, their designated pharmacy for long-term use medications). My script had changed because my condition has gotten worse. My doctor thought increasing the medication would help me. Walgreens and Express Scripts tells me they can’t get the medication, that is, the generic form. It’s back ordered and with no guaranteed date of delivery.


This has never happened with insulin.

But I digress. Per Express Scripts, the brand name is available. So here’s the deal, Novo Nordisk makes all of it…just branded and distributed through companies like Amneal and Teva. Again, I am guessing that the profit margins are different and greed is rearing it’s ugly head, above my medical needs.

Now I must wait 72 hours, to hear from the plan administrator for Anthem, to find out how they are going to handle all of this. If no call by that time, I am supposed to call back Express Scripts.

If this doesn’t sound like a run around, I don’t know what does. And from where I sit, it feels very much like gender discrimination.

Wynne Elizabeth Trinca, RN,


East Amherst

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