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Letter: Good priests are left to bear witness to shame

Where does this abuse scandal in the Catholic Church leave all of us good priests throughout the world? It leaves us bewildered and ashamed that some among us would do such heinous things. How did it happen?

Some among us knew what was going on and simply left it in the hands of bishops. We didn’t know the gravity of the situation. Now it has come among us as a plague bring shame upon the church.

We faithfully follow our dogmas with no theological problems. At issue is moral theology and the behavior of those whose lack of morals has been exposed. Again, how did it happen?

I can only bring us all back to original sin and the work of Satan, whose intent is to destroy all that is godly. Where does this evil one go? To the ordained ministers of the church.

Throughout Christian history we have seen the hand of Satan.

The Church should have passed away long ago except for the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit whose cleansing is needed more than ever.

In the meantime, we all must look at the larger picture and realize that in the world today, anything goes. It’s the cult of “modernism” where the world determines morality and not God and his word.

These abusive priests and countless other abusive people from all walks of life have put aside God’s morality in the interest of their own selfish intent.

The only way out of this terrible malaise is to pray and worship and ask for God’s healing touch through the power of the Holy Spirit.

To overlook what only God can do would be to fall into the hands of Satan.

Rev. David Griffin


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