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Nathan Peterman: 'I've definitely put my best effort out there.'

Who will be the Bills' opening day starter remains an open question, and Sunday night's preseason game seemingly provided little clarity considering the play of the offensive line.

Nathan Peterman came in after Josh Allen left the game late in the first half and played the entire second half. He finished 16-for-21 for 200 yards and a touchdown.

So, does he think he's done enough to be the starter?

"I don't know. The decision is not up to me," he said. "I've definitely put my best effort out there. There's things I feel that I could've definitely done better, even tonight, some plays I wish I had back, things I'll work on though and get better at. I'm going to be ready to go though regardless. You know, whatever the decision is, I'll be ready to play.

Here is more from Peterman:

Q: What did you see from the sideline, some of the problems that the first string offense was having?

A: I mean, just as a whole, we were a little undisciplined tonight. I think there's no getting away from that. We've got to be better. Pre-snap penalties, those are big time … we can't have those. And then obviously the other penalties too … those hurt a drive, drive killers almost. Tough to overcome playing against a great defense. We've just got a lot of things to improve on.

Q: Protection issues they had in the first half, obviously before you got in there … as you were watching, what were you seeing in terms of the protections and breakdowns that were happening?

A: Again, I'm kind of watching downfield, the coverage and things, so I can't say what I was seeing much. You know, they're a great team, good defense, but we've got to be better.

Q: Do you get the sense that this thing is still wide-open, the three-man race for quarterback? I mean, you haven't been told, so I guess you must think it is, but it feels like it really has not been decided in any way.

A: Yeah, I have no idea. Again, that's not my decision. I come up every time I'm on the field, I think it's a blessing. I try to go out there and compete, and try to win, and drive the offense down the field. We did some good things tonight, but again, I thought I left a couple drives out there that we could've scored and could've put us in a better position to win.

Q: Nate, how validating has this preseason been for you after what you experienced last season?

A: Yeah, it's been great. Again, I've kind of moved on from last year. I've learned so much from it. But, you know, it's about every next snap … trying to appreciate the moment at the same time. Just trying to be better every snap I take.

Q: Tell me what it's like on the sidelines when Josh [Allen] comes off and he's going through what he's going through … the conversation with you, Coach [David] Culley, and AJ [McCarron].

A: Yeah. I mean, things aren't always easy in the NFL. It's a hard game. Those guys on the other side get paid, too. They're a talented defense, so things don't always go your way, especially early in the game. Obviously you want to get out and have a fast start. For me, it was just about encouraging [Josh Allen] and telling everybody to stay patient because those big plays, they come. As the game goes on, guys get worn down on the other side and you start to see those big plays coming. So just about being patient, not anybody trying to do too much, and just trying to execute every next play.

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