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Letter: Writer on boring car colors is expressing shared views

There was a recent MyView published in The News where the writer expressed her frustrations with the boring colors of cars on the road today. I have to say that she is not the only one who feels like this. I say the exact same thing.

I drive a white SUV and on my street there’s probably at least four other ones and my street isn’t that long! I would like to be able to choose a color where it would be a bit more unique.

I go to various classic car shows throughout the summer and just love to see all the beautiful colors. I also watch the Mecum car auction shows when they are on TV. I then think about our vehicles and what kind of auction will be held many years from now and what will we see.

I then picture a parade of boring SUVs with boring colors and boring styles! Imagine when they lift up the hoods and take a peek and see that everything is enclosed!

I think with everything going on in today’s world that we all could use a colorful pick-me-up or in this case a colorful pick-up-truck!

Karen Gall


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