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Letter: Trump’s idea of a parade shows narcissism, hubris

Elect a clown and create a circus. A so-called president, who acts more like a king and tyrant, who wanted the military to march in front of him, salute him and show their respect. The saying is “they all gave some, some gave it all.”

What did you give Mr. Trump?

You found every possible way to avoid the military draft and now you want

them to salute and respect you. Sorry sir, you don’t deserve it. I received my honorable discharge in 1969.

I was one of the lucky ones. I did a lot of saluting in my time of service.

I never thought that in my lifetime, we would be saluting a draft dodger, a pathological liar, and a low life billionaire. I also never thought that a draft dodger can mock an American hero and not pay a price for it. Mr. Trump, you can never walk in John McCain’s shoes.

Is this because of the puppet, spineless Republican controlled Congress?

It is time to vote these members of Congress out and restore

to the White House. This should be the new slogan.

Just wondering sir, what General Patton would do – salute you, slap you, or something worse for being a coward?

Tivadar Semesnyei

E-4 Army

West Seneca

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