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Letter: State should get rid of tolls, instead of taxing drivers

Eliminating toll booths at the Grand Island bridge was a good idea. However, New York State should have eliminated the tolls as well.

It makes no sense to mail you a bill for $1 considering postage and handling, and then for us to write a dollar check and spend another 50 cents postage to send payment to tolls by mail – Payment Processing Center.

I do not want E-ZPass where they take money out of your account at the bank.

Another instance, I had to pay $8.15 for a $1.80 toll in Lackawanna for entering a green arrow toll lane where there wasn’t any attendant in the booth. It was too dangerous to get out of the vehicle and traffic behind me blowing their horns. I proceeded through and later received a violation notice.

You can drive interstate roads from New York to Florida without paying any tolls except in New York.

The signs the governor had installed should read: “Welcome to New York, the high tax state.”

Dennis M. King


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