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Letter: President’s words hurts free speech, reporters

Recently the president has called the news media, like CNN, “The enemy of the people.” This statement has caused great consternation to that entity. The reason is that at least two news anchors have already had death threats.

The bottom line is that, if any national newsperson is injured or worse because of Donald Trump’s rhetoric, will he take the blame for his constant barrage of calling the media “fake news?” I hardly think so.

In this writer’s opinion should some unfortunate event occur to a newspaper or television person, then his actions of spouting the above venom has to have repercussions. The word impeachment comes to mind.

To a guy whom the New York Times has found has lied over 4,000 times since becoming the president, my question is who is the fake or the enemy?

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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