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Letter: Players taking a knee do not know the reason

I “was” one of the biggest football fans in Buffalo, but

! I will no longer watch the games or buy the advertisers’ products. That’s because the players of today are ignorant, selfish, overpaid primadonna crybabies.

That’s right, I said “ignorant,” because most of them don’t know why they are taking a knee, or what their action truly represents. To say that “taking a knee” has nothing to do with disrespecting our country proves how totally ignorant these players are, because it is for

these very symbols (our national anthem represented by our glorious Stars and Stripes) that so many millions of our heroes were willing to die!

And if these crybabies truly cared about police brutality then “why” aren’t they spending their off-season protesting in front of their local police or mayors’ offices. How many of them met with these institutions in Chicago, San Francisco or New York over the off-season to try and resolve the issues? Like, “none.”

And the owners and coaches (Jerry Jones excluded) are no better, because if they had

respect for our flag and anthem, then they would cancel the entire season for love of country! I guarantee you that after the loss of a whole year’s salary, which they couldn’t replace in any other forum, these same players (and/or their wives) would decide: “enough is enough.”

Hey, crybabies, you want to make a statement? Grow up, and find another way! The “country” is not to blame!

Michael Mayback

West Seneca

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