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Letter: Not mentioning McCain is an intentional oversight

On Monday, Aug. 13, Donald Trump signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act at Fort Drum. The reason I emphasize the name of the bill is because Trump, in truly appalling behavior, never once thanked or even mentioned John McCain’s name in his speech that sprinkled few praises on our great military and dumped copious undeserved self-praise on this president’s few accomplishments.

As a moderate Democrat, I rarely agree with Sen. McCain’s politics with the exception of a recent memorable vote. One fact is irrefutable though.

I am a Democrat who is proud to commend Sen. John S. McCain for his dedication, sacrifice and selfless service to our great nation.

He has earned the respect of all Americans for the man he is and certainly deserves to have this president call the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act by its official name as a sign of respect and gratitude.

In deliberately dissing Senator McCain, Trump has once again spit on the American flag and disrespected the accomplishments of truly great Americans who sacrifice in service to this great country so we can enjoy our freedoms.

It is difficult to fathom anyone actually supporting and encouraging the anti-American sentiment that insidiously seeps from the bowels of this swamp infested Oval Office.

The base continues to condone and encourage this insecure unpatriotic president. Headscratcher for sure.

Sen. John S. McCain I and my fellow Democratic friends and family thank and applaud you for your service and send heartfelt congratulations on the signing of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act in your honor.

Rebecca Miller

Orchard Park

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