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Letter: No player should protest while on the boss’ time

Every contract, if it were my team, would have a clause stating that while the player was representing my team, they would not exhibit political commentary – verbally or by their actions – or the player would be subject to immediate dismissal from the team with no more monetary (or otherwise) compensation from that point on. Just stand on the line and respect the values of the country which is supporting you. Is that so difficult?

Just because the cameras are rolling doesn’t give you the right to protest your cause of the day, even though I may totally agree with you. You are on my field in my team’s uniform at my bequest to play football. That’s all. End of discussion.

Think about it: you aren’t protesting to make your voice heard anywhere else; you choose to protest only on National TV because you have an instant audience. Protest on your own time, or in the off-season. You are being compensated – quite well – to play football to the best of your ability, not to make statements about unrelated-to-football events. There are more than enough politics in organized sports already.

Just sayin’.

Marianne S. Evans


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