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Letter: Liberals have it backwards when it comes to violence

Columnist Clarence Page called President Trump a racist for suggesting that the feds could help with the carnage in Chicago. Then 12 people were murdered and 74 were wounded by gunfire over a recent weekend.

An offer by Trump to help the insanity of reality in a liberal death zone is seen as a threat to the Democrats.

Only a liberal could care so little about the life of a fellow human that they can spin it this way.

Chicago is a liberal success story, the city of voter fraud and murder, while clear-thinking people call it for what it is…a cesspool. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared Chicago a sanctuary city that refuses to deport any illegal immigrants arrested.

The murder rate is rising and Buffalo’s Mayor Byron Brown is also clueless what to do. Police are no longer pro-active in fighting crime in the wake of public hostility.

Many government programs encourage residents to be dependent upon the state which fuels the breakdown of the nuclear family and exacerbates criminal behavior.

Only a virtuous people are capable of living free of government corruption. As Buffalo becomes more corrupt and vicious, people will act out of control without a sense of personal responsibility then morality and freedom diminishes. People will then be forced to either live in a police state or anarchy.

Liberals never had the mental ability to recognize or cared there is a problem in Buffalo, Chicago or anywhere else they control. It’s amazing how corrupt the left is.

Joe Cyran


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