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Letter: Letter writer is wrong on children at the border

A recent letter writer from Lewiston speaks of children “stolen” from their parents at the border and “languishing in Trump’s private prisons.” She goes on to list different professions that have a legal and moral duty to report child abuse.

First off, these are not our president’s private prisons nor are these children “incarcerated” as the writer states.

They are being cared for much better than they have ever experienced before. The word “legal” is used more than once in her letter.

Does she not realize that the parents of these children were trying to “illegally” enter our country?

Are there not professions that have a legal and moral duty to protect our borders and make sure that the wrong people don’t enter, beginning with our government?

Was 9/11 so long ago that people have forgotten?

Michael A. Measer


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