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Letter: Israel detained authors for practical purposes

Recently two prominent American authors, Reza Aslan and Peter Beinart, were detained briefly at the Israeli border before being allowed into the country. This has been used by Israel’s enemies as yet more ammunition with which to bash that beleaguered country. But an examination of the larger context paints a different picture.

Israel is surrounded by countries (like Iran) and terrorists (like Hamas and Hezbollah) sworn to its destruction. Tens of thousands of Israelis have been killed, maimed, and traumatized by their attacks, which stretch back for decades. Allied with these forces are credulous Western intelligentsia figures like Aslan and Beinart, who seek to exploit freedom of speech in Israel in order to visit the country and work for its demise. Both of these authors have an extensive history of anti-Israel polemics.

As a result, Israel must screen those who seek admittance to insure that they do not pose too much of a threat. Entrance to Israel by non-citizens is a privilege, not a right. The United States and all other countries follow these same rules.

Aslan and Beinart were admitted to Israel after brief interviews. Yet they continue to complain. In doing so, they betray their inimical intent towards the world’s only Jewish state, cloaked in the false garb of progressivism.

Daniel H. Trigoboff, Ph.D.


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