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Letter: For money-saving ideas, city leaders must listen

In my opinion, our city leaders are credit takers for everything that moves under the sun.

At least a couple of months ago, I ran into City Comptroller Mark Schroeder at a veterans appreciation event before Mayor Byron W. Brown nuked us with an astronomical garbage fee hike. Unfortunately, our dear mayor has no clue on how to come up with new ideas to raise revenue, so I pitched one of mine to Schroeder who said my idea is a Common Council issue.

Here goes, something in no need of rocket science, or intense dawdling. It can be implemented today. The city gets into the metal scrapping business and lets the city scrappers have their curbside as always. Hard cash, everyday and definitely more than what you collect in taxes for special events. They could even hire me to design the program.

You can get rid of the garbage fee and have your sustainable revenue source. We were promised many moons ago that the garbage fee would be temporary. If the Common Council doesn’t do anything about it look for me to run for mayor in 2021, and I’ll be a mayor of action like Jimmy Griffin. If you hear of the city going into the metal business it is because of me, not them, the credit takers.

You want a real, better city vote for me when the time comes. From now on, I own my ideas and I am getting the credit for it. In my opinion.

Tom Somerville


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