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Letter: Filling the 27th seat plays a key national role

It’s ironic that as Republican hopefuls gather in Batavia to make their cases to run for Congress in the 27th district, that all the letters in the Aug. 21 News are critical of Trump, (except for one commenting on the church scandal.) It’s not scientific, but it may be an indicator that these hopefuls may face a steep climb, even in the deep red 27th.

The concerns of ordinary Americans over this president and his conduct will certainly be the determining factor in the coming election.

We know that he cannot tell the truth, he is a bully and he likes to “hit back” at his critics.

But what really scares me is that, after Helsinki, where he acted like Putin’s altar boy and refuses to criticize Putin or admit to interference in the election.

Astronomers can find black holes in space without actually seeing them. They observe the behavior of nearby objects and can determine the existence and often the size of the black hole. In the same way we can conclude that there really is a tape as described in the Steele dossier, based on the other verified truths in it, and the behavior of the not-so-heavenly bodies described therein.

The idea that Trump is beholden to Vladimir Putin should terrify every American, even Republicans.

As former Rep. Amo Houghton ably put it recently in The News, “Enough already. Every voice, every pen, every opportunity to try to get this guy out of office is a good thing. I’m scared for the country.”

So, what to do? There really is only one answer. Send a young, fresh face to Washington, Nate McMurray. He has pledged to represent all of the people of the 27th, the rich and the poor, and he will meet with them in the district. He is a town supervisor and former law professor, eminently qualified to represent us (without the baggage). Make him part of a great blue wave so we can take our country back.

David Frank


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