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Letter: BMHA mismanagement costs public housing

Why BMHA went from centralized purchasing to purchases made at the complex is simple. No checks and balances.

Several years ago, the internal auditor retired. This office was independent from the executive director whose duties among others was to follow purchases and make recommendations to find the cheapest supplies and stop supplies from disappearing.

As a former commissioner I asked when that position would be filled by another certified public accountant. I guess because I asked it never happened.

The question remains, who checks the purchases? It’s always easier to spend someone else’s money.

Where is the Housing and Urban Development and Inspector General? As for the bid process, the assistant executive director is in charge and also part of the request for proposal process. Interim Executive Director Gillian Brown seems to want to go back to the old system.

The News’ recent article on spending and the previous one on bidding is nothing new for BMHA. If any agency could write a book on mismanagement it’s BMHA.

There is only one solution, receivership by HUD.

Joe Mascia

Former Commissioner


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