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Editorial: It seems to us – New discoveries, old truths and a bear in a hotel

For all who believe humans have already discovered everything there is to see on Earth, we give you Brazil.

There, near the country’s border with Peru, a drone is reported to have discovered a previously unknown and isolated Amazon tribe whose members have had no contact with the outside world. These are people who have never heard of Stormy Daniels, if you can imagine.

Drone video shows a clearing of trees with figures walking through it. One person carries what appears to be a pole or a spear. A ground team also released still photographs of canoes made from hollowed trees, an ax with a stone blade and an aerial photo of a thatched hut.

If true – it always pays to be skeptical – we have two immediate thoughts: One, the world remains a place with the capacity to startle even people who think they’ve seen it all. Two, believers in the Sasquatch are going to have a field day with this.

A former Air Force linguist and intelligence contractor was sentenced this week to five years and three months in federal prison for the crime of making sure Americans knew about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

What Reality Winner did in leaking classified information was a crime, to be sure. So was what Martin Luther King did in America and what Nelson Mandela did in South Africa. With her action, Winner made public a matter of urgent and obvious national interest. Maybe prison is the penalty for breaking this law, but make no mistake: She served her country.

So a bear walks into a hotel and …

Wait. It’s not a joke. In Estes Park, Colo., a black bear really did wander into a hotel. And not just any hotel, either. It was the Stanley Hotel, the inn that inspired Stephen King to write “The Shining,” and Jack Nicholson to do his imitation of Johnny Carson. (Watch the movie if you’re confused.)

No injuries occurred, according to the Associated Press, though the room was rearranged as the bruiser – who figured out how to open the door – clambered over furniture in the lobby before making his exit.

There are no reports, as yet, that the unexpected tourist was repeatedly mumbling “yenoh” during his stay.

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