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Busted: University Heights homeowner scolds student for public urination

Note to college students in the age of ubiquitous surveillance: If you have to go, maybe try a restroom.

That was the message University Heights homeowner and University at Buffalo librarian Molly Poremski delivered in no uncertain terms to a young man she caught relieving himself on her neighbor's garden Wednesday night.

"Why would you do this? People live here," Poremski said to the young man, who she believed was a UB student, in an exchange captured on video. "We have a baby. I don't want my baby to see you (urinating)."

The man responded, "I know, I'm drunk," before profusely apologizing.

The exchange, which Poremski posted to Twitter Thursday night, ended amicably.

"If I see you at UB, I won't bring it up," Poremski said. "I won't be like, 'That's the dude who (urinated) on my hostas.' I won't do it. But also, just don't do it."

Poremski, who lives on Winspear Avenue, said her neighborhood has long suffered from the poor behavior of UB students who live there or visit nearby bars. But, after advocacy from a local block club and efforts to work with police and the university to curb the out-of-hand behavior, the situation has improved.

"The urinating in broad daylight, it's just amateur hour," she said in a phone interview. "We're not putting up with this crap anymore."

And she has a message for anyone else thinking of pulling a similar stunt in her neighborhood:

"If girls are going to be urinating in the driveway and taking selfies, which has happened, this is going to show up on the internet. You’re not peeing in a vacuum here."

Is the party over in University Heights?

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