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Big, beefy (Josh) Allen burger from Camillo's Sloan Super Market

The Buffalo Bills aren’t the only ones mixing their lineup each football season. Once again, so is Camillo’s Sloan Super Market, makers of the Big Rex sausage that led the way for the Mighty McDermott.

This season’s conundrum: Invent a sausage for new quarterback Josh Allen? Doesn’t he deserve some love, too?

Owner Gaeton Camillo said he wrestled with the fact Allen isn’t a starter (yet). But with tailgate season around the corner, Camillo forged ahead in his experimental test kitchen.

For Allen, it had to be a burger. A big one. Like the kid himself. (Dare we say beefy?)

“I wanted to do something named for him. I thought about making a sausage, but we do 25 different kinds already. Then it came to me, ‘he’s a really big dude, so why not make a monster one-pound burger for him?’ We don’t sell anything quite like it, or that big right now. People love burgers so why not join the burger craze and make something big that gets people’s attention?” said Camillo.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen now has a burger named after him. (Harry Scull Jr./News file photo)

“It’s an exciting time. We haven’t had a true franchise QB since Jim Kelly. Why not have a little fun?”

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Camillo’s Ultimate Allen Burger is really two, 6-ounce patties that are a blend of brisket, short rib and chuck. The patties are wrapped and sealed around a 4-ounce filling of smoked Gouda cheese, chopped bacon, cream cheese and roasted garlic seasoning. (Take that Tom Brady!)

A big, beefy one-pound burger is actually two burgers sealed around a cheesy filling. (Photo Sloan Super Market)

We asked about the best way to cook these bad boys.

“Cook them on the grill, medium heat (around 350 degrees). You don’t want high heat because there’s a chance the burger may crack and some of the cheese can ooze out. You don’t want to lose any of the good stuff,” said Camillo. (Isn’t this a metaphor for Beleaguered Bills Fans everywhere? Ready to crack and ooze?)

Camillo said to cook the burger about 10 to 12 minutes per side.

“Let them rest for about five minutes so the cheese cools. It’s a perfect medium cooked burger with a great cheese pocket,” he said. (We chuckle at “cheese pocket.” Allen should be so lucky to have melted cheese slowing down opposing defenders.)

“The taste is awesome. The brisket-chuck-short rib mix makes the juiciest burgers. Smoked Gouda melts great, so the cheese is perfect.”

Camillo recommends a Costanzo hard roll because, “they are big and can handle it.”

Camillo’s also now sells its store labeled cooking, barbecue and hot sauces. There are even Bloody Mary mixes and ketchups, like bacon ketchup, that we bet is perfect for slathering on the Ultimate Allen Burger.

Add a unique Camillo's label barbecue sauce or ketchup to your burger. (Photo Sloan Super Market)

Camillo said he is ready to go with burgers, even if Allen isn't quite ready yet.

And is one burger per person plenty?

“I’d say one is good. I ate one myself, but I’m a big guy. You can always cut in half. The half is probably the normal size of a burger you would get at a restaurant.”

The burgers will be sold out of the store's case and cost $4.99 per pound, so roughly $5 per burger. Pre-orders are always encouraged for large orders.

INFO: Camillo’s Sloan Super Market, 494 Reiman St., Sloan (the capital of Cheektowaga). Hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 896-8982.

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