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'Hard Knocks' disappoints, Channel 4 misleads and CNN promotes 'RBG'

This is what I’m thinking:

The third edition of “Hard Knocks: The Training Camp of the Cleveland Browns” that aired Tuesday night was the weakest of the bunch.

Perhaps that is because I expected so much more of an episode that was filmed the week the Browns would host the Buffalo Bills in a preseason game.

The episode literally went to the dogs at one point, focusing on a lovable dog that roams the Cleveland offices.

The first half of the episode included footage of country singer Brad Paisley visiting the Browns camp. He said he has loved the team since the third grade and Brian Sipe was his quarterback. And then he delivered one of the worst pep talks I’ve heard since the third grade.

There was also footage of free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant, who was on his best behavior as the Browns considered signing him.

And, of course, there was discussion of the pronunciation of Tyrod Taylor, the Browns quarterback formerly known as Tie-Rod when he was the Bills quarterback. He now wants to be called Tuh-rod.

The second half of the hour episode dealt with the Browns’ 19-17 loss to the Bills and included footage of receiver Jarvis Landry’s devastating block on Bills cornerback Taron Johnson during a Cleveland touchdown run.

While members of the Bills have condemned the hit as dirty and made them recall a similar hit that essentially ended the career of the Bills’ Aaron Williams, the Browns on the sideline loved it. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley noted it was “all shoulder, too,” which he obviously felt made it legal.

Landry, who fought with a teammate earlier in the episode, showed that he doesn’t care what is said about him.

“I like being the most wanted,” said Landry. “I don’t want to be liked by nobody.”

In Buffalo, mission accomplished.

I was stunned to hear WIVB-TV (Channel 4) anchor Christy Kern say this on the 11 p.m. Tuesday newscast during a story about the guilty pleas by Michael Cohen, the former lawyer and fixer for President Trump: “President Trump was not implicated by name in tonight’s plea deal.”

I’m not sure if Kern wrote those words or just said something written by someone else. The sentence was technically correct. Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned. But the sentence was so misleading that it could have been written by Fox News. Everyone knew the president was the federal candidate Cohen implicated. The New York Times headline read: “Cohen Pleads Guilty, Implicating President.”

At the very least, Channel 4’s copy should have said something like “President Trump was not implicated by name, but it was clear who Cohen was talking about when he made his plea deal.”

If you didn’t get to a local movie theater to see the documentary “RBG,” about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, circle Sept. 3. That’s when CNN carries the film in prime time. CNN produced the documentary.

It was a surprise box office hit this summer.

I loved the film, which works on multiple levels. It is an inspiring female empowerment movie about a brilliant 85-year-old woman with a great sense of humor who has refused to let gender politics, age or anything hold her back.



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