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My View: There is magic all around us

By Michael Scully

In his song “Magic Every Moment,” the late Dan Fogelberg sings “There’s magic every moment, there’s a miracle each day.” I am an ardent believer in the magic that is present in so many ways in our everyday lives. This magic is present even during dark periods of our lives when we fail to notice it.

As I write this, I am looking out at the beautiful waves of Lake Erie from the cottage my wife and I rented for the week. The inspiration derived from magnificent settings like this never gets old. Nature provides daily spectacular shows for us such as sunsets, starry night skies, spring blooms and autumn splendor, all free of charge.

But the most magical experience in our lives is the intimacy and love that is shared among us. A price tag cannot be affixed to the joy that a simple smile from either a loved one or a complete stranger brings. Every day all over the world, countless acts of kindness and generosity are done, sometimes almost as an afterthought. The love, compassion and camaraderie that people share is nothing short of magic!

Am I being too "pollyannic" with my hopeful, optimistic view of the world? To say the least, there is much that goes awry in our lives. Mass media practically depends on the bad news and dutifully brings it to our prompt attention. There always have been and always will be a multitude of problems and concerns with our world to which we need to devote our focus and energies to resolving.

There are many ways in which life is unfair. Why do certain families have to deal with the challenges of raising an autistic child while others have healthy kids? How is it fair that a woman in her early 40s succumbs to cancer? Where is the alleged magic in life when contemplating such turmoil? There are no easy answers to vexing questions such as these. Let me suggest, however, that the support, encouragement and love that so often flow from others in such situations evidence the common bond of humanity we all share, and the feelings that result from such interactions with each other are gratifying and magical.

There are numerous occasions of magic in our lives. I’ll never forget going to Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas with my wife. The acrobatic feats performed were so stunning, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my own eyes.

Let’s consider athletic talent. Sabres fans are in for a treat in the coming season watching our new star, Rasmus Dahlin, mesh his magical skills with those of Jack Eichel. Oh, and how many of us can throw a baseball 95 mph with pinpoint accuracy?

As a lover of music, I am so appreciative of all the gifted musicians who have brought endless magic to my life. How about the creative genius of inventors, artists and scientists who have inspired us throughout the years? Don’t forget great authors who give us so much pleasure with their literary magic. And there’s nothing like a great TV show or movie – give it up for talented actors, script writers and producers, and the entertainment they provide us.

And here’s to the very best example of magic: a newborn baby. Is there anything in this world more incredible than to witness the wonder of an infant and watching the little one grow through the formative years? It is endlessly fascinating! More examples: the love and devotion of a pet; the sincere, pure love of a child; the valuable lessons imparted by an inspiring teacher or coach.

In short, life is a miracle! And whether or not you believe as I do that God is the creative force responsible for this, it cannot be denied that there is sheer magic in every moment of every day.

Michael Scully, of Williamsville, knows that magic is at work all around us.

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