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Letter: Trump has put forth a disastrous trade policy

President Donald Trump’s obsessive and disillusioned trade war with China (among others) will ultimately end in disastrous failure for the United States. It will be far more damaging for Americans resulting in job losses, higher prices for goods, and lost income. There are some obvious reasons why the USA is at a disadvantage and will ultimately lose.

First of all, the numbers. The USA has only a measly 5 percent of the world’s population compared to China of about 20 percent. Despite our economic status,

It’s like the USA is Buffalo and China is New York City. Which do you think has more clout?

Believe it or not, the USA’s “small population” that’s currently derived by plummeting birth rates and supplemented by immigration is actually becoming a problem. Companies in selling their products to Americans are tapped out here. Of course they want to reach out beyond our borders and reach the other 95 percent of people in the world. In the case of China, they have many more people than the United States to draw from.

Another factor is that the United States is too expensive a nation in general. Most companies just don’t want to be here. It’s too costly to operate here. Countries like China, Mexico, and India for example are cheaper labor markets.

Finally, the United States is obviously a superpower in decline. Under President Trump, certainly more isolated than ever. China whether they want it or not, will be the world’s new superpower and dethrone the United States because of its higher population, economic standing, and the nation’s overall ability to conduct itself in a measured, resolved, long term, and overall patient way.

People and businesses here are already feeling the pain of Trump’s trade policies. The worst case scenario though unlikely would be other nations to ultimately decide to exclude the United States altogether and increase trade with others to pick up the slack. Doing this, they wouldn’t have to deal with President Trump anymore!

Marcus Costello


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