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Letter: The nation’s artful dealer could pay for his own wall

Let me get this straight. The comrade-in-chief says he will shut down the government if Congress doesn’t provide funding for a border wall just weeks after telling supporters at one of his rallies that Mexico will pay for the wall and be happy to do so. What happened in the meantime? Did Mexico have a problem raising the pesos?

I have a solution A solution that I’m surprised the self-proclaimed “stable genius” hasn’t thought of himself.

Why not use part of his enormous wealth (we know he has it, he says so himself and he never lies) to float a loan to the Mexicans. He could charge “payday loan” rates, collect a handsome origination fee and, best of all, have it branded with the Trump name. Maybe in big, gold letters placed every few miles along the wall. Of course, Mexico would pay for this, too, as part of the agreement.

So, what do you say, comrade? How about ponying up the cash and “Make America Great Again?”

David Kiefer II


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