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Letter: President is hiding behind non-disclosure agreements

The Trump administration’s non-disclosure agreements are a sign of its own incompetence. These NDA’s are tools of fear and secrecy. This administration, which has had the largest turnover of any other administration in our history, is forcing its employees to sign these intimidating documents.

Trump works for us, we need to know what he’s doing. What’s wrong? I think we know the answer. Trump is incompetent and can’t do the job. His people see the damage he is doing to their country and being concerned, they try to draw attention to the actions that are wrong, stupid and damaging to this country.

Trump may be the president, but he is not God and thus not infallible, despite his protestations. Thus far what has been disclosed by the people working for the White House, unlike Devin Nunes, has not been, secret, nor a threat to National Security, but of rampant incompetence, conflicts of interest, and cultural insensitivity. These people are not threatening to the U.S.; they are a threat to Trump’s continual ineffectiveness. To hide damaging information from his boss, the American People, he has instituted a policy of non-disclosure agreements.

John Brandenberger


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