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Letter: GOP has abandoned the voters for Trump

The Republican party has so disgraced itself, abandoning all pretense of principles or ethics, that the only response any voter can consider this November, including registered Republicans, is to abandon all GOP candidates at every level of government.

The outrages and treasonous behavior of the Trump party have so soiled and poisoned the very existence of one of our major parties that the only possible avenue to save the Republican party is to destroy the cult that has taken over the party.

If you’re running for office as a Republican, you’re complicit in the behavior of the president. In the 142nd Assembly District in New York, it’s shameful that a former Democrat would sell his soul and join the Trump team. If you’re a Republican, you’re a Trumper. Loyalty to Russia, hostility to unions, disrespect and worse to women and minorities, and lies upon lies. Own it; it’s your cult’s agenda. Chris Collins is just the latest crook. The cult stands for nothing but the leader’s self-interest.

Pat Burke is an outstanding and independent Democratic candidate for the Assembly in the 142nd district who has proven himself in the Erie County Legislature. He’s an honorable friend to working families and the concept of honest government service.

Our country is in a state of crisis. We are now like Germany in the 1930s; which way are we going to go? If you’re not registered to vote, and you don’t get off the couch to make sure you vote in November, don’t ever challenge anyone else’s patriotism or Americanism. We all have a responsibility as citizens. Will you help protect your country, or stand by and watch while it is being destroyed?

Robert J. McLennan


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