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Letter: Pass federal law to stop drivers from texting

It has become so common these days that when we are at a stop sign or stoplight to look at the adjacent car and see the driver with his head looking down or holding a phone as we wait for a red light to turn green.

In The Buffalo News July 28 Refresh section, an article, “Even parents driving kids can’t stop texting,” states that “there has been a historic surge in U.S. traffic fatalities over the last four years as more drivers use their phones to respond to texts and scroll through Instagram feeds.”

This is unfortunate. We need to make a change for the better. The best way to handle texting while driving is to require automobiles and trucks to have equipment that would prevent the phone from working while the car is running.

This would start with a federal law, mandating that a device be installed in the vehicle that would prevent a phone from working. The only way the phone would work is if the engine is off.

Just like drinking and driving affects accidents, so does texting and driving. The time has come.

Barbara Cavallaro


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