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Letter: Glad the ‘good old days’ are here, once again

All I see in this paper is letter after letter from Trump haters. Are they blind to his accomplishments?

He’s rolling back EPA regulations so we can go back to dumping chemicals and toxic waste like we used to. Who doesn’t look back fondly at Love Canal and realize a company should be able to maximize profits at the expense of public health. That’s what makes America great! Heck, I throw my used engine oil out back now just like my Daddy did. And forget about recycling. Everything goes in the garbage like we used to do before the hippies started caring about the environment.

And let’s not forget he’s helping to throw out that stupid endangered species act so we can finally put wild animals where they belong; in cages at the zoo or better yet, mounted on the living room wall. MAGA! And I just read he’s rolling back those profit-stifling fuel economy rules Obama dreamed of. Less mileage, more pollution. Who could be against that? So much winning and all thanks to President Trump!

Now, where’s that Kool-Aid?

Kevin Smith


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