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Letter: Environmental rollbacks will harm generations

Another example of the all but too numerous examples of this administration’s continued revocation of what has taken previous administrations years of concerted efforts to establish laws to protect us, our farm livestock and crops, as well as our environment against the nefarious proliferation of illegal activities by corporations who purposely bypass established regulations resulting in harm, if not death, to those they were meant to protect.

As reported, a federal appeals court ordered the Trump administration to revoke approval for chlorpyrifos, “a widely used pesticide that studies show can harm the brains of children.”

Every person, Republican or not, who is associated with this egregious and heinous behavior, should be ashamed of his/her being referred to as a human being. Perhaps one evening, you’ll be served a dinner that consists of some food harvested on a farm that uses once-condemned insecticides. Think about it!

Scott H. Patterson


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