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Letter: Church leaders must act to answer the faithful

I am a practicing Catholic. I go to church each week, contribute to my church, and enjoy what it provides to my wife and me. As we have all experienced over the last few years or so, there has been painful exposure of priests doing the unthinkable to the defenseless.

Not a week goes by that the news doesn’t uncover more atrocious acts. The latest report of the huge volume of crimes in and around Pennsylvania. One thousand victims, 300 hundred priests, astounding. It shakes my beliefs to the core. This has been a methodical, acceptable and deplorable way of life in the church hierarchy. I don’t want to hear anymore excuses, lies and cover ups.

I know there are many good priests. Many of whom are suffering with the knowledge something they have sacrificed greatly to live and share with their flocks has been disgraced. They must endure the looks, the doubts, “Is he one of them?” “Might he be a guilty party?” That is a tragedy in itself. I and I’m sure others are agonizing over this. I will remain faithful to my religion and myself but not without serious doubts.

To erase those doubts the Catholic Church from the Pope on down must sweep this clean. No more cover ups. No more pontificating. Do what is right and do it now, not over the years.

When the church wants a change they favor it is done without reservation. That same approach is demanded an necessary. If you want to keep the Catholic religion respected, vibrant, and fruitful, the hierarchy must act accordingly.

Peter Hewett


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