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Letter: Child separation is nation’s personal disgrace

Children who were stolen from their parents at the border are still languishing in Trump’s private prisons. It is the biggest child abuse story of our time, and one of the worst human rights abuses of American history.

I want to know how many children who were separated from their parents at the border are still incarcerated in the United States? It has been reported that there may be hundreds of those children in New York State. How many of those children are here in New York State facilities? Who in New York State government, or child welfare services has inspected those facilities? How often have they done so and what have they found out?

The American Academy of Pediatrics and nearly every other association of medical doctors have declared this separation of children at the border to be child abuse. Government officials, any social workers, any teacher or medical staff and child welfare inspectors have a legal and moral duty to report child abuse.

If any of the groups with a legal duty to report child abuse when they see it, have seen these children and not reported child abuse, I want that reported publicly. If no one from government or child welfare services or medical staff has seen these children and inspected the facilities then that is both child abuse and a dereliction of duty.

Michelle Marcotte


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