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It's getting hot in here: Sultry summer temps haven't dipped below 55°

If you're sleeping comfortably this summer, it's probably because your air conditioning's cranking in cold air — and running up high electric bills.

Don't have AC? Odds are the fan's been running or your windows have been stuck in the "up" position since June, and you're still tossing and turning on top of the sheet.

Comfortable overnights, thanks to warm temperatures and high humidity, have been hard to come by in the Summer of 2018.

"It seems like, in general, it's been warmer," said Steve Welch, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Buffalo. "And it's been a little bit more humid too. That's helped prevent temperatures from dropping lower at night."

Since June 27, Buffalo's overnight temperature has not dipped below 55 degrees.

That's only happened twice before in Buffalo dating back to 1935, according to National Weather Service records: in 2016 and 2005.

Forecasts show the streak could extend at least through next weekend. The lowest forecast overnight temperature this week is 58 degrees Wednesday night.

That would knock 2005 off the perch.

On average, Buffalo can count on six overnights in the low 50s or below over the same time frame.

Welch said a good rule of thumb for forecasting overnight low temperatures is by looking at the late-afternoon and evening dew points.

That'll be a pretty good indicator for what the overnight temperature will fall to.

It also means that more humid days and evenings portend warmer overnights overall.

"In general, we are above normal, especially July and August, overall," Welch said. "The average low temperature so far is 4.3 degrees above normal."

Records also show that 15 of the last 18 years have brought fewer cool summer nights than average across Buffalo.

There's been a dearth of cool nights in Buffalo in the 21st century. (xmACIS2)

That's not to say that every night this summer has been grossly warm and oppressive.

There have been 11 nights when the temperature has remained at or above 70 degrees. That's four nights more than average.

In 2005 and 2016, for instance, there were 18 nights in the 70s or warmer, records show.

The overnight warmth has contributed to a warmer-than-average July and August overall.

July's average temperature of 74.4 degrees was more than 3 degrees warmer than average and was the city's ninth-warmest July on record.

August's average temperature through Saturday was 73.5 degrees, which is also more than 3 degrees warmer than average. It's the fifth-warmest August on record — and second-warmest since 1960 — to this point in the month, weather service records show.

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