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What They Said: Josh Allen, Nathan Peterman talk QB rotation

QB Josh Allen

On the touchdown pass:

“We had a little window fill back there and (Bills WR) Rod (Streater) got open. We had a guy coming in pretty free, just trying to make a play. Rod is a long-time vet, he knew where be at the right moment. I just had to get it out of my hands to him, he made the play.”

On his performance:

“ It felt good, just getting out there. As a quarterback, sometimes we try to make this game more complicated than what it is. We were taking what the defense gave us tonight.  Getting the ball to our playmakers is was what we were trying to do. I felt like I did a pretty good job of that.  Still, some throws that I missed, that I shouldn’t have missed and other decisions that happened quick.”

On touchdown throw to Streater:

“Rod is a long-time vet and he knows how to win. He was there on-time and at the right time. We had a little pressure at the beginning, and I just had to get the ball to him and he did it.”

On his confidence:

“I thought it was good tonight, still there’s some things I need to do better.  As an offense, we need to move the ball a little bit better and that starts with us.  We are going to break down this film and try to understand and fix whatever problems we may have. It’s going to start with us.”

WR Corey Coleman

On returning to Cleveland after the trade:

“It was pretty good.  I got to see some of the guys that I had been with for a while.  I’m just happy to come here with the Buffalo Bills, compete and come back with a victory.”

On how he was portrayed on HBO’s Hard Knocks:

“With all of that, I’m going to take the high road.  You all can see for yourself how all that stuff worked out.  I just laugh at it because it’s kind of funny.  They should have shown the whole thing if they were going to show it.”

On his relationship with his former teammates:

“I keep in touch with the guys in that receiving corps.  The receiver coach was unbelievable.  That locker room is unbelievable, a good group of guys.  But I love this locker room here.  These guys are great.  They took me in with open arms.”

QB Nathan Peterman

On his connection with TE Nick O’Leary early in the fourth quarter:

“When guys get open, you’ve got to get ball on them.  That first one down the sideline was man coverage.  At the end of the day, it’s (TE) Nick (O’Leary) versus that other guy and he did a great job of winning.”

On how it was explained to him the order in which the quarterbacks would play:

“Just how it went.  (QB) A.J. (McCarron) first, (QB) Josh (Allen) second and me third.  I was extremely excited for the opportunity to finish out a game and really be able to control the wins and losses.  When you’re in at the end of the game, you have a big say in it.  I thought the offensive line did a great job at the end.  They got that win in the four-minute drive.”

WR Rod Streater

On his initial route:

“ That’s the play. (QB) Josh (Allen) did a good job. The safety came up the back of him once he started scrambling, popped it right off, so really good play design.”

On the strength of Josh Allen’s arm:

“You got to be ready.  We’ve run that play so many times in practice. I watch (WR) Corey (Coleman), Dre (WR Andre Holmes) and (WR) Kelvin (Benjamin) catch them.  I’ve caught them, so it was easy going through the motion.  You know it’s coming my way. Fake em’ out and just make the play. It was a great throw.”

On Josh coming in with a charge into the game after struggle:

“We were all juiced up again, made a couple plays, had to get the drive going again. Then we got it going, got a touchdown, the O-line did great.  Everyone did their job and it felt really good to go out and get a win.”

On now versus last year with prior injury:

“It’s God’s grace, it’s awesome. Glory to God for that! Last year obviously I tore my toe up and was in a boot at this time and to go out there and score a touchdown today it’s really a blessing. I’m going to enjoy it and get ready for next week.”

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