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Letters: Trump is the main offender on incendiary comments

There are times when reading Everybody’s Column that I just shake my head in bewilderment at the writer’s message. One such recent letter came from someone very critical of “celebrities of the so-called left.”

I agree that screaming, taunting and insulting have no place in any decent person’s lexicon, especially if they wish to be taken seriously. Why then does President Trump regularly engage in such behavior?

There are video and audio records of him seriously disrespecting and insulting members of Congress, members of the press and anyone else who may disagree with his ideas and policies.

He has made some derisive comments directed toward the handicapped and disparaged many women. Vulgarity in some of his comments has not exactly been rare.

At many of his political rallies, Trump has whipped up his audience with shouting incendiary oratory resulting in a frenzied crowd vociferously attacking certain members of the press with foul language and third-digit salutes, all while smiling at his nefarious accomplishment.

Perhaps if this president would start using respect and dignity rather than derogatory comments and childish tweets, and example might be set for the use of proper lexicon when expressing one’s point of view.

Until then, the writer might want to look up the word “hypocrisy” before directing any more critiques of only the so-called left.

Walter Pawlowski


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