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Letter: Trump’s own behavior prevents greatness

The United States intelligence community issued a report that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election to harm Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.

Trump refuses to accept the conclusion of his country’s intel community without reservation. He keeps saying Putin denies Russia was involved. Right now intelligence reports that Russia is meddling but Trump still says it’s a “hoax.”

Ego. He thinks it delegitimizes his election and that drives him crazy, just like losing the popular vote. He insists that millions of illegals voted, and apparently all voted for Hillary Clinton. His ego and insecurity prevents him from accepting the truth.

I am a critic of Trump but I think the votes for president in 2016 were not changed by the Russians. George W. Bush lost the popular vote to Al Gore but never complained about it. There were numerous controversies in that election but Gore accepted the results.

Trump’s ego and incredible thin skin makes him continually distort the truth and exaggerate, to insult a prisoner of war and a gold star family, mock a reporter with a physical disability and lash out at all his critics, and he does it every day and at every opportunity. He has never grown as a person as the leader of the free world.

His ego prevents it. He needs to be reassured continually and his friends admit it. That is a sign of insecurity.

He has some significant policy successes, but his absurd tweets and rude comments distract from his record. In many respects he is his own worst enemy.

Don Grosso


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