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Letter: Sometimes life delivers unrecoverable hard knocks

In response to Patrick P. Quinlan’s July 30 My View, “Life isn’t always fair, but that’s no excuse,” I feel it is incumbent upon me to respond, in disbelief, of Quinlan’s lack of sympathy.

He believes that everyone can develop his or her own potential and that everyone should work harder to “… grasp a life you never dreamed of reaching …” Poetically and philosophically, this is accepted and in all probability the dream of every human being, but how accessible is this?

Achievers make the news, but the millions of underprivileged are thrown together in one headline that defies any hope of they’re ever reaching anything but the barest means of survival. Does Quinlan believe these unsung people are happy or don’t feel frustrated?

And does he realize the raison d’etre of the multitude of philanthropic agencies, and not because their clients are reluctant to help themselves.

Mr. Quinlan, have a heart!

Amy Zeckhauser


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