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Letter: Figure out how to maintain the new Hamburg(er) tower

Painting the unused Hamburg water tower has been discussed before, but like the weather no one has ever done a thing about it. Now we have a serious leader in Chris Luly, who has taken the reins, so it looks like it might actually happen. The designs we’ve been shown represent some good, and some not so good, ideas.

Speaking of water towers, I often pass a similar decorated water tower near the Geneva, Ohio, exit on the I-90 on our way to and from Cleveland. That tower was painted as a very eye-catching carousel, with bright pretty horses and youthful riders, as if going around the water tank. Lately, though, it isn’t the pretty sight it once was. The paint has faded and its days as an attractive tower are long gone. I suspect that money is the root of the problem. Everyone must have overlooked the fact that someday it would need to be repainted. Someone would have to pay for it. Bummer!

The result is what we see today as we drive the Ohio Thruway; a faded paint job on an old, unused tower that should be taken down and scrapped for the recycle value. I suggest that the fundraisers for the painting of the Hamburg water tower get together with all of the appropriate authorities involved to discuss and specify just exactly who will be responsible to maintain the original appearance of the “Hamburger.” It will probably require frequent touch-up, caused by ketchup and mustard drips, and total repainting will be necessary in the future. Get it in writing just who will pay for it.

The Hamburg Town Board might discover that it could turn a profit by selling the tower for scrap and erecting a tall sign depicting the relationship of the Hamburg sandwich with the village of Hamburg. (What? No billboards permitted?)

Ronald Ogren

Orchard Park

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