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Letter: Dodger does not deserve a break on unpaid tolls

The Niagara Falls businessman who would not pay his Grand Island toll charges should be ashamed of himself. (“How a $24 Grand Island toll ballooned into a $1,024 charge: Penalties for not paying bill called disproportionately high,” Aug. 11 News.) Instead he appears to be smirking that he “beat” the system.

The toll bills were sent to him in a timely fashion but since he is a “busy” man running two small businesses he did not open them until the last one came in two months later. He said he yelled and screamed for 20 minutes and was then told all he had to pay was the original $24.

I am not aware of any successful businessman not opening his mail for two months. Shame on the Thruway Authority for giving in to him and canceling the late charges. How many other people will now pull the same stunt? Do people who owe him money act that way and does he forgive their debts?

It is very simple to get E-ZPass, it does not cost you any surcharges and in most instances in New York you get a slight discount on the tolls. We have used it as far south as West Virginia with no problems and with ease since you are not digging for money at a toll booth. This is one reason it takes so long for things to happen in Western New York – people complain about a problem but then will not conform to the solution. Shame on this businessman and shame on the Thruway Authority.

Josephine Bednarz


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