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Letter: White House shenanigans continue with constant lies

The list just keeps getting bigger with each passing day at the White House. Let’s see, where do we start. Let’s go with Rick Gates and Paul Manafort, two perennial story tellers and proven liars that are facing off in a Virginia courthouse. At the trials’ end, both are going to spend time in the big house and I don’t mean the White House.

Next up Donald Trump Jr. who has twice changed and fabricated his story about the Trump tower meeting with a Russian lawyer. When asked who was there and who had knowledge of this meeting, junior has a memory lapse. Junior should have just said it was a convention for story tellers and liars.

Next up the Trumpster lawyers. And as everyone knows this profession, lawyers are the standard-bearers for truth.

Behind door number one, Rudy Giuliani. The retired Mayor of New York City that for some reason left the retirement home and seems confused and has frequent memory lapses.

This retiree has been a God-send for the Mueller investigation.

So they bring in a younger lawyer Jay Sekulow. Jay’s first (lie) statement on the story tellers and liars’ conventions was. “I had bad information at that time and made a mistake in my statement,” Translation “I lied.”

Lastly, we have the commander-in-chief, The Trumpster himself. Who I refer to as the bone-spur president. This guy makes Richard Nixon look like a Franciscan. In the end the truth will prevail. Hopefully sooner than later.

Phil Ryan

West Seneca

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