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Letter: There are ways to avoid the influx of fake news

There is an absolute way to avoid the Russian campaign of inflicting misinformation into our pre-election news. I avoid using the term, but the Russians do truly put “fake news” into our social media and elsewhere.

That way is to get your news from the print media and the three main television networks: ABC, CBS, and NBC.

There are so many constant checks, double checks, and triple checks of their sources.

And as a bonus, if you read an actual newspaper, as opposed to the online version, you will find so much more.

Many small two and three paragraph articles and, people complain the news is all bad; if you want to smile, read the much-scrutinized comics, to name two. And, personally, I find it more comfortable to hold a newspaper and read it instead of looking at a computer screen even more than I have all day already.

Jeff Miller


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