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Letter: First, it will be Jones, and then the rest of us

All citizens should be concerned about the “tech giants” acting against Infowars for what they call fake news.

Alex Jones may appear to be crazier than a drunk squirrel to many of us, but if they are able to suppress his right to a public forum for his speech, who will be next? Apple, Google, Facebook, and Spotify have severely restricted his ability to put his information out there for anyone to hear.

This smacks of severing his First Amendment right to express himself.

There are many, many well known commentators that provide incorrect, bias, or fake news using standard television networks, newspapers, alternate media forums, and even the Senate and House floors.

Do your own research and quit relying on one source for information that is critical to your own well-being.

Restricting an individual’s First Amendment right is not what is done in a free Republic.

These are the types of limitations you will see in a Socialist or Communist Country.

Make no mistake, this is not just about Alex Jones’ right to free speech; this is about your right to free speech and mine.

We appear to be heading down that slippery slope thinking perhaps it is okay in this one instance or the next instance. Be very careful what you buy into because your rights guaranteed under our United States Constitution will be next.

Deb Mauro


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