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Noir Essentials film series explores the Coen Brothers’ America

The Noir Essentials series at the Dipson Eastern Hills Cinema has featured the greats of film noir, from Charles Laughton’s stunning “Night of the Hunter” to Stanley Kubrick’s heist classic, “The Killing.” In its newest season, Noir Essentials jumps ahead several decades to present five films from writer-directors Joel and Ethan Coen.

Titled “The Coen Brothers Bible of America,” the monthly retrospective presents five of the Coens darkest, most memorable efforts. Host and organizer Alex Weinstein has selected a killer bunch steeped in betrayal and full of dark humor.

Movies are shown at 7:30 p.m. at the Dipson Eastern Hills Cinema (4545 Transit Road). Tickets are $7 and can be purchased at or at the box office.

Here's the full lineup:

“Blood Simple,” Aug. 22. The Coens’ 1984 debut is a complex, icy gem starring Frances McDormand and an unforgettable M. Emmet Walsh. McDormand plays the wife of a Texas bar owner; Walsh is the private detective hired by her husband to find evidence of betrayal.

“Miller’s Crossing,” Sept. 26. This 1990 visual and dramatic knockout about Prohibition-era gangsters stars Albert Finney, Gabriel Byrne and John Turturro.

“The Man Who Wasn’t There,” Oct. 24. Shot in gorgeous black-and-white, the Coens’ 2001 neo-noir tale features Billy Bob Thornton as a barber who discovers that his wife has been unfaithful. Then things get very interesting ...

“No Country for Old Men,” Nov. 14. The brothers’ 2007 Cormac McCarthy adaptation took home Oscars for Best Picture, Director and Screenplay. Javier Bardem memorable plays a hitman who cannot be stopped. Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones also star.

“Fargo,” Dec. 12. The quintessential Coen effort, 1996’s “Fargo” is a darkly funny thriller featuring McDormand in her Oscar-winning role as a Midwest police chief and William H. Macy as a desperate salesman whose kidnapping plan goes awry.

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