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Letter: Trump is a strong leader, as proven by his actions

A July 20 letter wrongly stated that America is no longer considered with respect, and also wrongly blames the decline in respect on President Trump.

America’s standing in the world is stronger now then in years due to the strong and decisive measures taken by President Trump. Measures former administrations were too weak to make.

He responded forcefully in Syria when nerve gas was used by the Syrian government, against its own people. Remember the line drawn in the sand at least twice and walked away from by Obama?

Jerusalem is now recognized as the capital of Israel as it always has been, but former administrations have been afraid to do. Our trade deficit, especially with China have crippled our economy for years. Finally, a president who has the courage to at least try to do something about it. The nuclear deal that Obama struck with Iran was horrendous. The president wisely pulled out of that mess.

The ridiculous assertion from the left that Donald Trump in anyway collaborated with Russia to secure his election has hurt our democracy far more than any Russian meddling.

Socialists who advocate for open borders and the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement allow human and sex trafficking and allow violent criminals to flow freely into this country. President Trump is trying to protect our country and secure our borders.

Socialistic programs such as free health care and free college education for all, paid for with what the left sees as a bottomless pit of taxpayer money would soon bankrupt this nation. Every time the government gives us something we lose some of our freedom. Socialists should remember that one of the “S’s” in USSR stood for socialist.

Charles B. Jackson


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