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Letter: Congress members reveal deficiency on Constitution

During my children’s school years (mid-1990s), the subject of prayer came up regarding our ritual of praying before meals. “We are not allowed to pray in school!” Responses to my question “why?” included incorrect information. I read the First Amendment and discussion followed.

Anyone who has middle school children knows only too well the power a teacher will have even if they are wrong. If I had left this information uncorrected, my children would probably be like many of their peers misquoting “rights and freedoms” never stated in this document, nor ever clarified for authenticity.

It is 2018 and there is still the false rhetoric regarding individual interpretations from the written rulings in our Constitution. What frightens me the most is the incompetence of lawmakers and those sworn to uphold laws who operate within the same erroneous context which came from the mouths of my children a decade before.

So, when accusations are made toward the “backward policies” of conservatives, I have come to witness again the ignorance held by many for the contents of our U.S. Constitution. Too many people don’t even know what “inalienable rights” mean, yet they proceed to adopt definitions given from special interest groups whose goal is to promote their own agenda. It would be laughable from a distance when listening to the false narrative if it weren’t so serious.

Indoctrination utilizes many flags with intentions to create a set of new definitions. So, with the possibility of the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice who has a consistent record for following the Constitution, and one who has not abused his position to make policies, I am hopeful that fidelity may be restored.

Those members in Congress blocking and stalling this process must have a problem with upholding the Constitution, and to their motives, I would be far more suspicious.

Kathy Skarupinski


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