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Betty Jean Grant slams Trump for Omarosa tweet

“For me, that was the last straw,” former Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant said Tuesday night after holding a news conference where she denounced President Trump for a tweet in which he called his former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman a “lowlife” and a “dog.”

“For two years, we have made excuses and gave him the benefit of the doubt,” she told The Buffalo News, “but with this action he proves that he is not fit for the job.”

Speaking at the news conference Tuesday afternoon across from the Merriweather Library on Jefferson Avenue, Grant said, “That language is code words for Donald Trump supporters to say that it’s okay to be racist.”

Grant added, in a video of the event that was posted to her Facebook page, that if a tape is found using a particular word, “he should step down.”

She called on Congress and the Republican Party to hold him accountable.

She said later that Trump’s remarks are the worst she’s heard since the presidential campaign of segregationist George Wallace in 1968.

“It has to come from Congress,” she said. “He’s not only bringing the party down, he’s bringing the country down.”

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